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Trago Mills: Devon

Trago Mills: Devon

The blurb tells us that: -

“Thousands travel from far and wide to save fortunes on the biggest range of discounted goods in the West Country from carpets to paperclips - and to enjoy the superb family leisure facilities set in 100 acres of rolling South Devon countryside, including magnificent narrow gauge Steam Railway, Supakarts and Family Go-Karts, all weather skating, Bumper Boats, Trawler Rides and Swan Pedalos, Trampolines, Aquablasters, Orbitors, Shooting Gallery, Remote Control Cars and Cruisers, Forklifts and Mini Diggers, Slide Complex, Fun Dungeon, The Den Animal Park, Fort Trago, Picnic Area, Edwardian Penny Arcade and the finest 00 Gauge Model Railway in the UK!”

This is Trago Mills in Newton Abbot, Devon. It is the sort of place you find all sorts of things which you don’t really need, but that could be useful in the future!

We found ourselves there once more…we seem to find ourselves there quite often as the prices are reasonable and they are brilliant for DIY bits etc. Our friends were going there and we said we would meet them there for lunch

The new restaurant…it opened at the end of the summer season… is bright, clean, spacious and really quite boring. There is a predictable fare of Lasagne / Roast Beef / Fish and chips / Meat or Chicken Pie etc. The puddings consist of bread and butter pudding or apple and raisin pie and a selection of buns. I guess that is what your tourist wants and to be fare it was quite busy…mostly with retired people!

Dave and I went for the Roast Beef dinner and Colin, Sue and their friend went for Cod and Chips.

The Roast Beef dinner consisted of 2 thin slices of beef a few boiled potatoes, a few roast potatoes and a dry, but perfectly formed Yorkshire pudding with a choice of 2 out of 3 awful vegetables of frozen peas, carrots and some sort of tasteless swede!

Dave had asked for an extra helping of roast potatoes instead of boiled and he was happy with the mega amount of potato on his plate...but I prefer quality to quantity and that was definitely missing.

The Cod on the plates of the other three were huge, but I think the batter made up for some of the length.

Colin’s cod was certainly more battered than the other’s. Colin said that it was ok, except for the same tasteless frozen peas.

The saving grace was that we had not spent a fortune on this meal and it filled empty tums.

The tea and coffee was good value: 80p per cup / pot. I was pleased to see a jug of tap water, which reminded me of school dinners, but at least I didn’t have to pay for it!

Roast Dinner

Mel gives Trago : -
2/5 for food
2/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
giving an overall /7/15

Colin gives Trago: -
3/5 for food
2/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 8/15


£4:99 for each plate of food

80p for a pot of tea or cup of coffee

No one could face the puddings.

For me it is a place to eat if there is nowhere else.

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  1. Brilliant work, Mel! Doesn't sound the best, but hey ho ;-)